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Education Spectrum’s Philosophy & Mission

Education Spectrum Philosophy & missionSince 1996, Education Spectrum has been developing and providing the most effective and targeted services possible for individuals with ASD to effect positive growth in their lives. For over 20 years, Education Spectrum has provided the highest quality services to children, adolescents, their families, educators and health care providers. Through our unique blend of individual, family and group programs, our goal is to foster their social, emotional, behavioral, communicative and learning potential by implementing specifically tailored intervention techniques. We believe that individuals with autism spectrum disorders make the most progress when approached with respect, compassion and a true understanding of their needs.

Who We Serve

Education Spectrum serves children & young adults
on the autism spectrum between the ages of 2 & 25.

image13The services we provide extend to families, school districts and health care providers throughout all of Southern California but are not region specific. Our staff has outreached our services both nationally and internationally and welcome the opportunity to provide our exemplary services to individuals and families wherever they live.

In addition, we work with individuals with other disabilities including Down Syndrome, emotional and learning issues and developmental delays.

Education Spectrum is vendored through Regional Center for many of our programs. Treatment may also be covered by your private health insurance provider and we encourage you to contact them to discuss coverage available.

DDS: (916) 654-1987

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