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Training & Support Services for Teachers & Instructional Assistants

Since 1996, Education Spectrum has been developing and providing the most effective and targeted services possible for individuals with ASD to effect positive growth in their lives. We offer support and training for teachers and instructional assistants of students on the autism spectrum. Check out the training and support we offer below.

Teachers & Classroom Consultation

Consulting for Teachers for Students on the Autism SpectrumTeachers are in the classroom working everyday with ASD. Our educator programs teach the most current and relevant strategies to make the teacher’s role more effective. Our consultants work with educators to develop the most cutting-edge and effective programs for students with all levels of ASD including curriculum, instructional methods, classroom management systems, social skills programming and staff training.

We provide training for teachers from preschool through high school whether they are in a general education, special education or non-public school environments. The following is a sample of topics:

  • Understanding Autism/Aspergers
  • Early warning signs of Autism
  • Cognitive strengths and weaknesses of students with spectrum disorders
  • Instructional strategies and curriculum
  • Behavioral intervention and classroom management
  • Support strategies for inclusion
  • Social skills development and intervention
  • Working effectively with parents
  • Designing classrooms to promote effective learning
  • Preparing individuals with autism for transition
  • Working with children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Utilizing published best practice guidelines

When providing services to school districts or private schools, Education Spectrum consultants will visit classrooms where individuals need support. In these cases, observations are conducted and the consultant collaborates with the individual’s team to develop programming strategies for defined areas of need. This can include social, educational or behavioral needs. These consultation services can be individualized to a single student or generalized to a classroom. The length and duration of consultation would be a decision for an IEP team, based on a recommendation by our consultants. There are also occasions when classroom consultation can be utilized as a follow up to attendees from an Education Spectrum training session.

School Based Assessments

Education Spectrum is able, on an availability basis, to conduct behavioral or social skills assessments at a school site.

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Instructional Assistants

Workshops for Instructional Assistant for Students on the Autism SpectrumFor many students on the autism spectrum the support of an instructional assistant is a vital part of their educational program. Education Spectrum offers training through two types of Workshops:


These sessions are delivered in full and half day formats. Workshops provide instructional assistants with a basic knowledge of autism as well as strategies and interventions that are often used with students on the spectrum. They provide introduction on a variety of subjects including but not limited to:

  • Understanding autism
  • Social skills facilitation
  • Overviews of interventions such as floor time, ABA/DTT, PECS, Pivotal
  • Response training, natural language paradigm, aumentative, communication etc.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Paraprofessionals
  • General principles of behavior modification


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