Living with Autism


Welcome to Club Connect!

A Social Skills Day Camp  for Middle/High School Kids

Dr. Laurie Stephens, our Director of Clinical Services, created this fun and educational camp for children with Asperger’s Disorder and High Functioning Autism. The two-week program is designed to help reinforce and expand children’s social development in an interactive, supportive and structured environment.

Campers will engage in a wide range of activities including arts & crafts, cooking, science projects and working as a team on special events to name just a few. By participating in these activities, campers learn how to have conversations, how to read non-verbal cues, how to work as a team and make and keep friends and how to manage their frustration.

Activities are designed to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Reading Non-Verbal Cues
  • Using Social Thinking
  • Working as a Team
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Making & Keeping Friends
  • Inferencing/Negotiating
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Learning About Others

Each day of the camp is filled with different interactive activities, and each week there is a week-long multi-media project that the campers work on as a team.

In the past, we have:

  • Written our own commercial
  • Put on a talk show
  • Invented challenges for the Social Skills Olympics
  • Invented our own board games

For more information, contact Debbie at (626) 797-1500 or

*** Participants must be fully verbal, able to function independently in a larger group, without 1:1 facilitation, and present with no significant behavioral challenges.  “Club Connect” camp is held at Education Spectrum. Children between the ages of 10 and 15 are welcome to apply. All potential campers will be interviewed to determine if they match. ***


“Kevin had a great time! He learned how to better cooperate and constructively communicate his feelings in the social groups.
He also made some lasting friendships which he treasures!
We are looking forward to the next camp!”

—Claudette & Darryl Dunn

The Mind That’s Mine Camp

Recent research has highlighted the lack of appropriate training for adolescents
with autism spectrum and related disorders to prepare them
for higher education upon graduation from grade school.

education spectrum campsStudies have shown that regardless of how bright a student may be, success at the college level is dependent upon numerous skills including knowing how you learn, social interaction skills, executive functioning (organization) and problem solving skills.

Education Spectrum offers a two-week summer program incorporating the research-based The Mind That’s Mine curriculum designed by Dr. Mel Levine. The program is designed for high school students.  It runs 5 hours a day, 4 days a week for 2 weeks. Attendance at every class is mandatory in order to benefit from the full program.

The Mind That’s Mine is a program designed to teach students about how their minds work and how they can best use their own unique mind. The program was developed by the All Kinds of Minds Institute founded by Dr. Mel Levine. The curriculum encourages students to discover how their minds work, what their learning & social strengths are, and what they can do to make their minds work better. Especially helpful for students with learning and social differences, the program helps all students to recognize, tolerate, and respect individual differences in learning and behavior. It is particularly helpful in facilitating student’s understanding of how they think and learn, and how to advocate for the types of learning accommodations they will need in higher education.

The program will includes interaction lessons on:

  • Learning Disorders and the Human Brain
  • Thinking about Thinking
  • Paying Attention-Keeping the Mind and Body in Control
  • Memory – Using the Brain’s Storage System
  • A Special Code Called Language
  • Solving Problems and Thinking Up Ideas
  • Skill Building: How Your Mind Learns to do Things
  • How Your Mind Helps You Behavior and Socialize
  •  Putting it All  Together
  •  What’s Ahead

The Mind that’s Mine Camp is offered at times in which a compatible group of teenagers are able to attend. It may not be available every summer. Please contact Debbie at (626) 797-1500, if you are interested in learning more about the program.

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