Living with Autism

Therapy Services for Children & Their Families

Education Spectrum offers effective therapy programs for individuals with ASD of all ages and their families and support groups.

Family Therapy ServicesPsycho-Therapy Services

Individual therapy sessions are available for children between the ages of 3 to 18 years. Typical therapy goals can include: learning to attend and respond to others, learning to play cooperatively, learning to express emotions and develop emotional understanding of self and others, developing a theory of mind (social thinking), dealing with depression, anxiety or obsessive behaviors, expanding flexibility, handling frustration and tension and other coping strategies for “the real world.”

Family Therapy

The focus of this therapy is to help the family be more understanding and effective with ASD by learning to use consistent and proactive techniques. By involving the entire family unit, this therapy can be highly effective in creating a more cohesive family unit thereby creating a more nurturing and positive environment for growth and development, allowing the strengths of the child to shine through.

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